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Andrew Cuomo Bows Out of Paterson Probe, Clearing Roadblock to Run for Governor


A lot of people have said that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo couldn’t get in the governor’s race, despite his high poll numbers in prospective match-ups, because of his responsibility over the Paterson probe.

Well, that’s no longer a factor: Cuomo has recused himself from the probe of the governor’s handling of the David Johnson case, handing it off to a special investigator — former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye.

Cuomo told reporters this was done out of “an abundance of caution,” as “an investigation of a sitting governor of New York is a complex weighty matter indeed.” He didn’t say anything about running, but everyone now expects that he will, soon.

Kaye’s a sufficiently well-known figure that even we’ve heard of her: in addition to serving as Chief Judge from 1993 until last year, she ran the Citizen Jury Project, which reformed jury service in the state, and was recently retained by the Working Families Party to review its controversial relationship with its affiliates.

So far Cuomo’s still involved in an investigation of state senator Pedro Espada Jr., among others, but those are much smaller potatoes.



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