“Cake Mixx” Exhibit Posits that Baked Goods Can Predict the Future of Your Relationship


While at least one-quarter of Fork in the Road is well-versed in the art of cake eating, cake reading has been, until now, a completely foreign concept. Thanks to the Heist Gallery, that is about to change: Beginning tonight at 6 p.m., the gallery will show Cake Mixx, a collection of photos taken by Dustin Wayne Harris.

Harris, a photographer based in Astoria, has been documenting cakes baked for him by a series of girlfriends. Harris believes that the cakes — which he requests that the ladies bake for him after a first date — act as a metaphor for his relationships. A sagging cake, for example, betokens an ultimately lackluster partnership. “Whereas some people consult astrologers, read Tarot cards, or tea leafs to predict the future,” Harris says on the Heist Gallery site, “cakes tell it all.”

And if they’re no more reliable than Tarot cards or astrologers, at least they taste better. Though judging by some of the spectacularly freaked-out specimens captured by Harris, maybe that’s not always the case. Either way, the exhibit will run through April 18.

[Via the Lo-Down]


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