New York

Fireman Party Scheduled for March 30th


Apparently they’ve done this before, and it went well enough that SingleAndTheCity.Com is reviving this year its “Playing With Fire” Fireman Singles Party at R-Bar on The Bowery on March 30. They promise “150+ of the FDNY’s bravest.” The press release suggests the nature of the event:

” ‘Don’t give your number to or start trying to date too many guys from the same firehouse,’ explains [SingleAndTheCity Co-Founder Amber] Soletti. ‘Trust me, I learned the hard way.’ ” They also get a fireman to say “Dating in NYC can be way scarier than fighting fires.”

It’s $30 in advance, $40 at the door. The organization is also holding a “Cougar/Boy Toy” Hunt on the 23rd.


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