George Clooney Next Year’s Oscar Host?


Even a lot of people who found this year’s Oscars telecast as slow and boring as some of those foreign film nominees thought hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were wickedly delightful, especially when they slyly roasted various big names in the live audience.

But one of those stars, George Clooney, thinks he can do it better, according to Liz Smith.

Clooney sat there Sunday night, not only watching Up in the Air come home with bupkes, but finding himself the running gag, everyone mocking him throughout the ceremony. (Sandra Bullock even chided Clooney for having thrown her into a pool in one of his zany stunts — a weird moment to recall in a Best Actress speech).

And I thought he played the part of curmudgeon as charmingly as he plays EVERY part, no doubt helped by the flask he reportedly kept under his tux and the fact that he was thinking, “Next year, it’ll be ME up there!”

So would he make a good host next time? Or should it be him and Alec Baldwin?

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