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Holy Cow, Scooter, Look at Yankee Stadium Now!


Here’s the view from the elevated subway platform today at 161st Street and River Avenue, of what is – or was — Yankee Stadium. Near as we can tell, that’s left field where the staircase is tumbling.

Not to get too nostalgic right away, but within recent memory that’s about where Roy White regularly planted his cleat into the wall in order to snag line drives that just topped the wall, where Lou Piniella used to grimace and snort as he charged into the corner, and where Dave Winfield stretched his long legs patrolling the line. It’s also where Phil Rizzuto watched a thousand long balls disappear into the stands: “Holy Cow! It’s deep to left! Way back there…”.

Now expensive rubble and dust. The future is across the street in the new granite mall.
The pix are courtesy of Cary Goodman, director of the 161st Business Improvement District, who now patrols this precinct.

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