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Let’s Give Gaboureh Sidibe A Career! | Village Voice


Let’s Give Gaboureh Sidibe A Career!


Mo’Nique will always have a career, and even when she ends up back at the Comedy Shack in Secaucus, they can advertise “Oscar winning Mo’Nique!”

But I worry for her Precious costar Gaboureh Sidibe. Most people are acting like the nomination was the beginning and the end of the road for her–that she’s a specialty talent who made a splash in a very specific role and now won’t find a place in Hollywood’s biased niche marketing machine.

But Gabbie would be great in just about anything! A talk show, a sitcom, a drama, more movies–a Food Channel series!

Gabbie explodes with so much personality that when she was shown on TV right after learning about her nomination, she came off like a Price is Right contestant having been told to “Come on down!”

She clearly enjoyed the whole pre- and during-Oscar stretch like a kid in a candy store, and approached it with more humor and style than some stars twice her age.

So what the girl now deserves is…a career! Give it up for her!

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