So The Fader’s Nicki Minaj Cover Story Is Pretty Great


From friend-of-SOTC and Fader boss Julianne Shepherd comes the deepest, most thoughtful piece yet on Queens’ own gleefully deranged rap heroine Nicki Minaj, who explains somewhat her hurricane of goofy/lascivious voices:

“Anybody that knows me knows that I have a very, very bipolar personality, so one minute I’m excited and the next minute I’m crying and the next minute I’m cussing and yelling and the next minute I’m singing Enya. I’m not kidding. And the point is, my rap style now reflects my true personality. Because I am so weird.”

Not kidding about the Enya, BTW. The whole thing about how she’s obviously not using male ghostwriters because she talks about scrotums so much is pretty compelling too. I wonder if that sort of thing would hold up in court.

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