Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Sandwiches


Tomorrow, we turn our attention towards the art of putting fillings between two pieces of bread. While the sandwich has long been as ubiquitous in New York (and pretty much everywhere else) as the pizza slice, it has within the past year or so been enjoying a renaissance. Places like Saltie, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef, and Mile End have been reminding us of the distinct pleasures to be found in a the ostensibly humble creation, in some cases through a wildly imaginative re-interpretation of what belongs on bread, and in others by simply updating standard combinations by way of high-quality ingredients. The best of these sandwiches don’t pander to novelty or excess, but simply confirm the almost primal pleasure inherent in the form.

While we at Fork in the Road have an abiding love of the kind of basic, un-fussy sandwich that so many Americans were raised on (to wit, there are few things more perfect in life than American cheese encased by white bread, slathered with butter and grilled ’til it’s golden-brown and salty from whatever else it’s been sharing the grill with), we’re broadening the sandwich category to include panini, lobster rolls, banh mi, subs, and the odd bagel. As ever, if you have any suggestions you believe belong on our list, please send them in.


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