American Idol Season 9, Top 12 Announced: Paige Miles Smiles While Lilly Scott Falls to Pieces


Besides the reveal of the Top 12 last night, we also got a duet from Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud. Well, there’s a reason not to shut this off and play Wii. Blind Guy and last year’s most forgettable contestant duel pianos on a jolly “Tell Her About It.” I think I’ve seen this before. Either it was at the Idol tour or in a really bad dream.

But first! The continual pimping of Michael Buble (really, what’s up with that?) via a group sing of “Haven’t Met You Yet.” I don’t know the original, but this version–with the aimless pacing and one-handed snapping, comes across suspiciously like that Brady Bunch tune everyone was humming the other day when it was sunny.

The selection process is painfully cushioned with individual interviews and judges’ commentary, but I’ll spare you and skip to Paige Miles vs. Katelyn Epperly. Simon says Paige has more potential of the two, and while I don’t agree, he gets his way. Katelyn reprises “I Feel the Earth Move” without the keyboard. Still karaoke. Lilly Scott is weeping.

Tim Urban vs. Todrick Hall vs. Lee Dewyze vs. Casey James. Casey gets the obvious first seat, and quickly, Tim follows him. The only reason I was rooting for Todrick to go through was to not have to listen to him do his number again; alas, Todrick reprises the least passionate version of “Somebody to Love” ever and we say goodbye.

Alex Lambert vs. Andrew Garcia. Ryan and the judges are still talking about Andrew doing “Straight Up” in Hollywood. Surprisingly, that song was enough for him to coast into the Top 12. Alex Lambert’s mic is off while he says something about leaving the show. His eyes are red–I think those are tears. Siobhan and Katelyn are crying.

Katie Stevens vs. Lilly Scott. Kara thinks it’s “funny” that it comes down to these two. Also hilarious is the face Lilly makes when she finds out Katie beat her for the last seat in the Top 12. Basically, it looks like this: “Whaaat?” But she says it even better. “I don’t know what America wants to hear. I don’t.”

What they do want to hear is this:

Didi Benami, Siobhan Magnus, Paige Miles, Crystal Bowersox (did she seem sort of pissed about making it?), Lacey Brown, Katie Stevens, Casey James, Tim Urban, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche (Ryan actually asked him if he can fit on one stool), Andrew Garcia, and Aaron Kelly.

And here’s what America has to look forward to: the above 12 singing the music of the Rolling Stones. Wanna rethink that vote now, Katie Stevens/Aaron Archuleta Kelly fans?

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