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Amy Winehouse To Do a Fashion Line


It’s been too long since we’ve heard from Amy Winehouse, the chanteuse who delighted us with Frank, Back to Black, “Rehab” etc. Now Winehouse is back, with a clothing line. She will collaborate with couturier Fred Perry on a “17 piece clothing and accessories collection,” reports People. “It’s Amy all over — sharp, clever, sexy, lots of attitude,” says the company’s release, “but stays true to the Perry aesthetic and unrivalled heritage, and still remains instantly recognisable.”

Winehouse has mostly exhibited this sense of style recently in undergarments, clothes that may as well be undergarments, and of course, butt naked. Her ensembles have also been singled out for abuse by NME.

On the other hand, Winehouse has cleaned up spectacularly for publicity photos in the past, her preliminary design sketches look nice, and Idolator recently observed, “Amy Winehouse Doesn’t Look Like A Hot Mess For Once.”

Winehouse is booked for four seasons — life insurance arrangements are not revealed — and items will range from $32 to $150.


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