Heidi Montag Gets Wet and Wild for Consumer Protection



Heidi Montag Says No to Plastic from Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag doesn’t want you to go through the same thing she did. She doesn’t have a problem with you getting plastic surgery, however. She just doesn’t want you to pay for that surgery with a credit card. What a heart of gold!

In an effort to get Congress to create a consumer protection agency, the reality-TV star pokes fun at herself, Lauren Conrad, little dogs and designer purses, in the name of better financial regulation.

She says, “a consumer agency will stop banks and credit card companies from being such sleezy jerks.”

We almost believe her.

For specifics, Montag subjects her new chest and face to water erosion and further embarrassment by sitting in a bathtub name dropping Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Richard Shelby, who head the Senate Committee for the create of a consumer protection agency.

Montag knows who they are? Incredible.