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“Huffing” Is The Biggest Tween Drug Phenomenon In Years


As someone who spends hours at Ricky’s inhaling candles for recreation, I can totally understand the appeal of “huffing”–the popular tween practice of breathing in nail polish, glue, bleach, and air freshener for a rise (but not all at once).

Remembering the occasional times that sniffing a Magic Marker helped my high school daze go by easier, I have an extra awareness of this trend’s dark allure.

The diabolical thing about it is that the items most 12-year-olds “huff” are all over-the-counter, really cheap, and readily available around the house.

Your parents are basically your pushers as you raid the kitchen cabinet for household liquids that send you higher than boring, old crack cocaine ever could.

But there are terrible ramifications and symptoms, so all this huffing and puffing must stop, especially since when you really NEED the air freshener, there’s none left!

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