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Mike Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Diana Taylor Said (By Bored Press) to Consider Senate Run | Village Voice


Mike Bloomberg’s Girlfriend Diana Taylor Said (By Bored Press) to Consider Senate Run


We thought the age of celebrity candidates ended with Jesse Ventura. Then, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then, with Al Franken. Then, with Caroline Kennedy, Mort Zuckerman, Larry Kudlow

Oh, who are we kidding, it never ends. Now we hear “multiple sources confirm” that Mike Bloomberg’s girlfriend Diana Taylor is being considered for a Senate run by “some Washington-based Republicans.” The Post has it, as does Politico. Her target would be Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Taylor is not inexperienced: She was CFO of the Long Island Power Authority, New York State Superintendent of Banks, and head of the Hudson River Park Trust. And it is rumored that the NRA succeeded in stopping her from heading the FDIC during the Bush Administration, which would make a great talking point when she campaigned in New York’s liberal precincts (though her appointment as a Citibank director may not go over so well there).

In 2006 it was bruited about that Republican gubernatorial candidate John Faso had asked her to run with him for Lieutenant Governor, to recapture some of that Betsy McCaughey magic, but she declined.

Like nearly everyone associated with the mayor, Taylor has been lionized in the local press — “Brainy beauty,” gushed the Daily News; “Used to regulate more than 3,500 institutions… but at the end of the day, her key role is in her regulation of one: her boyfriend, Mayor Bloomberg” — Post; “By day, she regulates thousands of institutions… by night, she is [Bloomberg’s] much-photographed partner in the glittering social swirl” — Times.

Still, you’d think she’d try something smaller first, like city council or state supreme court judge — but what the hell, it’s not like she’s really going to run. It’s just another way for the press — and the Republicans who appear stuck with contenders like Dan Senor — to keep this race from looking like a runaway for Gillibrand. Which would be too tiresome. We thank them for bringing some glamour to our humdrum lives!

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