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It’s sweet, sweet Friday. An ideal time to look back, through the wind and rain, at the best posts of the last five days.

Alone in the kitchen with a pig’s uterus

Pulino’s Beth Ann Simpkins talked about pizza, bi-coastal pizza obsession, and her 100 percent carbohydrate diet…

…While Eugene Mirman discussed beef navels, the Brooklyn restaurant scene, and babies in bars.

We ranked Our 10 Best Sandwiches.

The JakeWalk’s Ari Form talked about happy hour, sad service, and when it’s time to turn off the jazz.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new waffle breakfast sandwich threw down with McDonald’s McGriddle in an epic Battle of the Dishes.

Istanbul Cafe’s salad platter and Abraco’s butternut squash and Parmesan sandwich are both vegetarian delights.

Take a peek into sushi’s past with Hasaki’s hako-zushi.

Will a chihuahua actually eat Taco Bell? Yes, it will.

What animal does your favorite chef look like?

At Vyne, a new West Village wine bar, white wine will take center stage.

Here’s 10 great places to eat in Austin and its vicinity during the SXSW Festival.

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