Rock Star Butchers Face a Backlash; Is Sunday Supper the New Sunday Brunch?


Sunday suppers are replacing brunch as the most important social meal of the weekend. Red Sauce Nights at Hearth, Domenica in Famiglia at Trattoria Cinque, and Sunday Supper at Northern Spy are leading the trend.

Tom Mylan fears the people who go to butchering parties just because it’s cool will soon tire of it, leading to a backlash against the rock star butcher trend.

A group of family farmers and their supporters is calling for the U.S. to crack down on Big Agriculture: the few multinationals that control most of the nation’s food supply.

Following news of the California whale meat restaurant getting busted, one question remains: What does whale taste like? Apparently, it’s similar to reindeer or moose.

An unprecedented hike in the price farmers pay for seeds has led to a federal investigation, with a particular focus on agricultural giant Monsanto.
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