Trouble in Paradise: New Belachan Restaurant Moves, Turns Japanese


Meandering through Sunset Park today, we spotted a recently opened Japanese restaurant. Except it’s actually the new incarnation of New Belachan, which was our favorite Malaysian restaurant in Brooklyn.

Robert Sietsema favorably reviewed New Belachan in 2007, and we have had excellent Malaysian feasts there as recently as about a month ago.

The storefront on Seventh Avenue and 61st Street is now shuttered, replaced by a shiny, new restaurant in the thick of Eighth Avenue. A photo of sushi adorns the window, and inside, a chef mans a sushi bar. The menu lists things like Dancing Eel Roll and Salmon Love Roll.

“No more Malaysian food?” we asked the woman behind the counter. “Oh, yes,” she replied reassuringly, and produced a separate menu that still lists assam laksa, Hainanese chicken, and watercress belachan.

5918 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn


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