What’s The Worst Movie of the Year So Far?


It’s never too soon to get a jumpstart on the Razzies and declare the most rotten flicks of the year.

Seeing as these months are often a dumping ground for Hollywood oil spills, the choices and rich and varied:

*Shutter Island. “Let me out!” I yelped after an hour of this gloomy torture. It’s a miracle I made it to the “shock” ending.

*Dear John. A love letter to utter banality. Should have been returned for extra postage.

*Valentine’s Day. Another love letter to utter banality–and riddled with more coincidental plot turns than a Love American Style episode.

*The Wolfman. Could have easily been made in 1929, except for the CGI.

*And The Book of Eli. Proof that after the apocalypse there will only be the bible and lots of boredom.

I’ll go with Dear John only because it aged me 20 years. You?