Mbarek Lafrem, Accused Social Bar Attacker, Says He Was Defending HImself in the Woman’s Bathroom


According to the News, construction worker Mbarek Lafrem, who is now charged with attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, and another attempted assault charge in the Thursday woman’s room beating of a young woman who turned down his advances at Social Bar in midtown, claims that he broke her eye socket, nose, skull and jaw in self-defense.

The News quotes “court papers”:

“I went into the bathroom and she started yelling at me,” Lafrem told detectives. “She was coming towards me so I grabbed her by the arms,” he claimed.

“She was trying to push me so I punched her in the face twice and pushed her back in the stall.”

“She fell into the stall and hit her head,” Lefram said.

Speechless. And that doesn’t happen often.

The victim was found with her pants mostly removed. Lefram, a foreign national, is being held without bail as a flight risk.

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