Behold the Delightfully Emo/Christian Rock Cover to the Hold Steady’s New Heaven Is Whenever


Anyone who has ever been to a Christian rock concert knows that the pious one-hand-in-the-air gesture is a popular one; pair that image with the word “Heaven” in the title and band’s famous lapsed Catholicism (not to mention lyrics about “embracing suffering and finding reward in our everyday lives”) and a person could get ideas, though that was probably not the band’s intention. There’s also the faint echo of Ryan McGinley’s Morrissey photos from three or four years back, and the colors look like mid-period Jade Tree…all of which to say a record cover that evokes this many disparate impressions is probably a successful one. May Heaven Is Whenever, due May 4, live up to its lovely packaging. [h/t Pitchfork]

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