Bloomberg Ridicules Proposed Salt Ban


Even Mayor Bloomberg’s (public) anti-salt bias has its limits: on Saturday he used his weekly radio show to ridicule Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz’s batshit proposal to ban salt from restaurants.

Per the Post, the mayor said, “you have to have salt when you cook. I do. I use too much salt already myself. But also it makes a lot of foods, the way you cook them and bake them — salt is a real ingredient. So I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

For his part, Ortiz clarified that he didn’t want to ban all salt, but merely “the use of salt as an additive to meals…when we have meals prepared by restaurants that pile unnecessary amounts of salt, we have a problem.” Thankfully, if Bloomberg’s remarks are any indication, it seems we won’t have any problem keeping a state assemblyman out of our restaurant kitchens.


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