Eric Massa: The Final Indignities


Saturday Night Live got on the Massa thing, and even hauled in Jerry Seinfeld for the snorkeling jokes. Other late coverage has similarly devolved to the fanciful.

Queerty asks “Why Does Every Cable News Chatfest About Rep. Eric Massa Have to Suck So Bad?” and notices that Bill Press, one of the giddy pundits on Howard Kurtz’s Reliable Sources, focused on a lunch Massa had with a member of Barney Frank’s staff, which “raised all kinds of questions.” Kurtz also called Massa’s alleged naked argument with Rahm Emanuel “the most famous shower scene since Psycho,” and Press said, “the American media sank to a new low this week with Eric Massa, and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Working for her own angle, Michelle Malkin blasted Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congress as “soft on corruption” because they investigated the resigning Massa with insufficient force (“Massa’s alleged targets are someone’s children, too,” albeit fully-grown), which seems rich in a legislature that contains David Vitter and John Ensign, and has graduated many other such lulus.

Congressman Patrick Kennedy yelled last week that the endless coverage of the Massa affair distracted the nation from more serious issues. But now that the media opportunity is down to stems and seeds, in retrospect it seems there wasn’t much better reporters could do when presented with such a curiosity than ogle along with the crowd. Despite Malkin’s charges and Massa’s own claim of sinister health-care conspiracies — of which he couldn’t even quite convince an eager-to-believe Glenn Beck — the Massa scandal had nothing much to do with his duties in office, and provided no insight into the deep weirdness of many of our public servants that we haven’t already received in abundance.

Now let us all move on to John Edwards. That subject never gets stale!


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