Here Is the Trailer for Treme, David Simon’s New Show About Post-Katrina New Orleans


Now with actual humans, after an initial zombie instrument preview–including Wire stalwarts Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters (that’d be Bunk and Lester), The Corner vet Khandi Alexander, and some incongruous new additions, namely Steve Zahn (?!) and John Goodman (!!). “Zahn will play a dancer, DJ and band member with anger management issues,” according to Wikipedia. Last week the show caught some flack when locale and authenticity fetishist and show creator David Simon was found to have been shooting parts of Treme in Greenpoint–however, it turned out that footage was indeed meant to be set in New York, not New Orleans. “All New Orleans-based scenes are being shot on location in Louisiana,” HBO’s rep told our sister blog. Anyway, Treme premieres on HBO April 11th, at which point a lot of fanatical Wire fans (are there any other kind?) are either going to be completely ecstatic or very, very disappointed, SOTC very much included. [HBO]

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