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Rainstorm Kills 6, Leaves Thousands Without Power (Maybe Till the End of the Week)


The weekend storm was unpleasant for most of us, but somewhat worse for tens of thousand of New Yorkers who lost their electric service.

As of this morning, the Advance reports, 14,560 households in the borough are still blacked out. NY1 tallies 8,400 homes out of service in the Bronx, 5,900 in Queens, 3,790 in Brooklyn. Even 89 apartments in Manhattan lost and have yet to get back power.

NYPD got more 911 calls during the storm than they had on 9/11.

Including the nearly 65,000 Westchester clients who also lost service, about 114,000 Con Ed customers in the area (down from 175,000 this weekend) are still in the dark. Con Ed says it may take days to get them all back online — perhaps till the end of the week.

Taken together with Long Island, Hudson County, and northern New Jersey homes served by other providers, more than 230,000 households lost their juice this weekend.

Staten Island received just less than five inches of rain this weekend; Central Park got 4.27. Winds were high, clocked up to 70 mph.

At least six deaths, some by falling trees, are attributable to the storm. Senator Chuck Schumer has asked FEMA to step in and assess property damage. (Coney Island got tore up a little.)

Outer-borough residents have reason to worry about restoral of their service; in 2006, tens of thousands of Queens residents lost power, and it took a week to get it back. Later Con Ed paid out millions in compensation to businesses, and a $100 credit for affected residences.

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