Shad Roe Makes a Comeback; Cooking Schools Prey on the Unemployed


Smithfield Foods has posted its first quarterly profit since the swine flu outbreak more than a year ago led to a steep decline in sales. The Chinese and Russian ban on pork product imports may also soon be lifted.
[Wall Street Journal]

Marines can finally satisfy their hankering for the Arab foods they got hooked on during their tours. A veteran’s wife has opened a shawarma stand at Camp Pendleton.
[Wall Street Journal]

Foursquare, an app that allows you to notify friends when you “check in” to a bar or restaurant, is the perfect app to use at SXSW to help you find friends amid the multitudes.
[NY Times]

Culinary and other trade schools have benefited from the economic recession as students borrow aggressively to pay exorbitant tuitions. But is it worth it?
[NY Times]

Food Network star Bobby Flay is making the leap to NBC to host ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant. He will judge contestants vying to launch a new restaurant chain.
[Access Hollywood]

The Sneaky Chef author Missy Lapine, who sued Jerry Seinfeld and wife for ripping off her cookbook, is suing Seinfeld again for calling her a stalker on Letterman.
[NY Daily News]

Shad roe, harvested on the East Coast, has been “a lost ingredient” until being recently rediscovered. It now appears on the menu at Dovetail.
[Wall Street Journal]

In the South Bronx, some of the most malnourished people are obese. The “Bronx Paradox” illustrates how hunger and obesity are flip sides of the same issue.
[NY Times]


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