Tartinery Opens on Mulberry Street, Bestowing Poilane Bread Upon NoLIta


For some months now, a large swath of Mulberry Street between Spring and Kenmare has been plywooded up, leading one to believe that it would eventually give way to either a new restaurant or luxury condo lobby. Apparently, it’s the former: earlier this month, the plywood came off to reveal Tartinery, which comes complete with an exterior that looks like a bar code and a menu full of, uh huh, tartines. According to the restaurant’s website, its concept revolves around the “classic toasted open-faced sandwich, which will transport you into an original and very european [sic] atmosphere.”

Judging by the photos of the place, its atmosphere isn’t so much European as Nolitan (which is really the same thing at this point), with exposed brick walls, a cement bar, raw wooden steps, and retro-industrial black tables labeled with stark, oversized numbers.

The big selling point seems to be Tartinery’s use of Poilane bread for its tartines, Poilane being, of course, the legendary French bakery famed for its sourdough country bread. At Tartinery, it’s being used as the foundation for numerous ingredients, including foie gras, ratatouille, poulet roti (roast chicken), and steak au poivre.

Per the site, the restaurant soft-opened earlier this month, and should be open to the public this week.


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