Beekeeping Law to Be Reviewed; More on the 99-Cent Pizza Craze


Restaurants are still feeling the sting of the deep tomato freeze, which isn’t likely to let up until at least mid-April. All winter, restaurateurs have been forced to find ways to use fewer tomatoes or find alternative sources. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Michelle Obama is taking her fight against child obesity to Big Food. The first lady spoke to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, including members from Kraft and Coca-Cola. [AP]

Continental Airlines is the last big U.S. airline to bite the dust when it comes to free meals. It will start selling food in coach on many North American flights starting this fall. [Wall Street Journal]

Yet another article weighs in on the 99¢ pizza craze. Miraculously, one can pay as much for a slice at 99¢ Fresh Pizza as for a subway fare in 1986. Or a penny more at 2 Bros. [NY Times, previously]

A 42-year-old mother of two weighing in at 602 pounds is trying to gain about 400 pounds more to be crowned the fattest woman alive. [FOXNews]

Apparently, the latest hipster foodie craze is food stamps. Twenty-something blogger types are subsidizing their epicurean tastes with the program. [Salon]

When Raymond Sokolov announced he was leaving the Wall Street Journal last week, it sparked yet another round of “do old-school food critics still matter?” Well, yes and no. [Time]

French preschoolers don’t need the first lady to teach them about healthy eating habits. They get multi-course lunches, including hors d’oeuvre, salad, and cheese plate every day. [Wall Street Journal]

Kids as young as five are becoming vegetarians, even when they’re raised by meat-eating parents. The CDC says about 1 in 200 Americans under 18 is opting out of meat. [NY Post]

Beekeepers, who have to tend to their drones in secret in New York, may soon get a break. The DOH will discuss amending current legislation that outlaws beekeeping today. [NY Times]


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