City Smoking Crackdown’s Newest Victim: Snoop Dogg


So the city is trying to shut down clubs for smoking violations, going to far as to unleash the deadly narc hipsters onto the town’s various exclusive bars and clubs to enforce the law. Chief among the violators is M2 Ultralounge, currently fighting for their life in New York courtroom, and the establishment is clearly running scared. “Not even Snoop Dogg is immune to the city’s crackdown on smoking in nightclubs,” reports Page Six. “The rapper, known for his affinity for funny-smelling tobacco, lit a cigarette inside M2 nightclub Saturday night. Owner Joey Morrissey rushed over to tell him to put it out. ‘But it’s just a cigarette,’ Dogg responded. He put out the smoke but remained rather subdued until he and his entourage left around 4:30 a.m. ‘Normally he would get on the mike and rap, but he seemed depressed all night because he couldn’t smoke,’ said a witness.” Welcome to the New New York, Calvin, where even regular cigarettes constitute a crime, and a dude who looks just like Mark Ronson might betray you and the club you’re in to the health department.

[Page Six]

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