Dead: World’s Shortest Man, He Pingping, 21


Last night, the world’s shortest man died. He Pingping of Wulanchabu, China, at 29 inches tall the Guinness Book of World Records‘ shortest man on earth, died at the conspicuous age of 21 last night of heart complications in Rome. He was supposed to appear on an Italian children’s show the next day.

Pingping was born with a form of primordial dwarfism, and was discovered by a Chinese journalist. He was apparently a real charmer, a funny guy, and an inspiration to all. The New York Daily News did an entire Muppets Take Manhattan-esque gallery with him when he came and visited the city last year. And yes, just because I know you’re wondering…

the world’s longest penis is 13.5 inches. Which he is more than three times taller than. He wasn’t that short.

And now you know.