Five Most Annoying TV Food Commercials


The first time you saw these commercials you may have even liked them, and gone away humming the tunes. But by the umpteenth repetition, you wanted to scream–and strangle the producer who made them.

5. Subway’s relentless compaign to cover the city in crappy heros makes the racial stereotyping, sexual innuendo, and all-around simpiness of the commercial even more annoying.

4. This frankly weird Japanese commercial for canned tuna features a belly button impersonating a caterwauling baby, and that belly button may give you nightmares.

2. This Spanish commercial for Coke features a pornographic obsession with butts, a song by the Eels that you used to love, and Ellen Page–the girl from Juno–selling out young.

2. This endlessly broadcast commercial for Butcher’s Blend dog food annoyed pet owners and butchers alike back in 1979.

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1. Hate it all you want, but you can’t stop singing the catchy ditty in this McDonald’s commercial, which has been repeated so often, it’s seared into your brain.

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