Goat Meat Shortage


We at Fork in the Road are enthusiastic eaters-of-goat. We’ve braised it into ragouts, and eaten it every which way, recently in tacos and in kati rolls.

But there is trouble in goat paradise.

Demand for goat meat has been rising steeply, buoyed by some immigrant populations and also the general public’s increasing realization that goat is lean and delicious. But goat farms are smaller than most — the Kansas City Star reports that one of the largest farms in the country has only 84,600 of the small ruminants — and the farmers can’t just snap their fingers and produce more goats.

Prices are going up as demand outstrips supply, goats going for about $2 a pound at auction, about double the price of cattle. Forget getting your goat — we’re going to be hoarding our goat.

[via Grub Street]

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