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I # NY: The ‘Voice’s Daily Twitter Roundup


Twitter roundups are dumb, cheap traffic, and have been done by everyone else plenty of times before. Which is why it’s our turn! Meet I # NY, our new Twitter roundup that’s going to blow your mind. Or just put together a bunch of either incredibly familiar or incredibly foreign New York-centric faces from the realms of media, politics, and pop culture, and see what they’re up to. We’ll be here every day at 5:30; some days, might be only be a few. Some days, there may be many! And some days I’m just gonna slap something up here and go get a beer, because that’s how this works. In our first edition, media footsoldiers’ musings run wild. Must be the nice weather.

Scoop-happy New York media reporter Gabriel Sherman recently dropped a cover story on Rupert Murdoch, then went on vacation, and flew back through Newark. All that time spent thinking about Murdoch and you’d exhibit masochistic behaviors, too.

Some people try to make the best out of bad situations. Complex editor Joe La Puma’s looking to make a change.

Former New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan’s legacy rages on anonymously, wonderfully.

Videogum editor Gabe Delahaye is shocked – shocked! – by today’s big Terry Richardson news.

Delahaye’s former Videogum partner-in-crime, Lindsay Robertson, has a plan. When it’s announced that the New York Times is working on a bombshell about David Paterson sharing DNA with a bedbug, you’ll know where it started.

Finance reporter Heidi Moore went toe-to-toe today with Reuters media columnist Felix Salmon, when she wasn’t being lauded as “a Human Bloomberg” terminal by others.

Poet and Kreepie Kats creator Jim Behrle’s gearing up for baseball season with the important questions.

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