I’ve Hit Rock Bottom! I Played Beer Pong!


Somebody stop me now because my worst nightmare has come true. The other night, I found myself fully conscious and in charge of my actions, yet actually playing a game of Beer Pong at a local gay bar!

I always thought this was the trap door to rock bottom–that surely someone who went to an Ivy League school and studied the works of Jane Austen would rather hang himself in a closet in full drag before tossing ping pong balls into cups of beer on a pool table in public!

But there I was doing just that, and being a non drinker, I couldn’t even enjoy the brew-skis awarded when my partner and I won each round. (And we did; imagine how bad the OTHER team was.)

And so, HE drank all the rewards and became more filled with Bud Lite than a keg in western Pennsylvania.

And I just stood there, horrified that this had become my new recreation–but kind of thrilled that we won bigtime!!


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