Just for Men: Yet Another Recipe Resource Aimed at Dudes


It appears that male-centric recipes — as in, the kind created by men for men — continue to be the gimmick du jour. Last week brought news of a new testosterone-driven cooking magazine and recipe website. Now, a press release for a cookbook for men is being circulated. Have Her Over for Dinner: A Gentleman’s Guide to Classic, Simple Meals, by Nashville singer-songwriter and men’s magazine contributor Matt Moore, features “100 recipes in cuisines ranging from Italian to Southern Eclectic to Vegetarian, in order to satisfy almost any palate. Meals are cleverly compiled into three categories (weeknight date, weekend date, and special occasions) providing the reader with everything from quick-fix meal options to those that require more effort and attention.”

What’s more, this “guy’s-guy sort of book” comes complete with clever do’s and don’ts for the home-cooked dinner date. Because the last thing you want to do is screw up the night and end up alone on the couch stuffing yourself with manly cupcakes.


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