‘Little Fury Things Records Party’


Named for the great Dinosaur Jr. jam, Nat Hawks’ Little Fury Things has been been one of the nicer homespun psychedelic noise dispatchers of recent years. A showcase at Public Assembly—consider it their anti-South by Southwest—will bring some of their acts to New York for the first time. Maryland’s SpermWhales are dreamy and droney (example song title: “Slow Wave Sleep”), while Northampton’s ColorRabbit are even gentler (see: “Falling Into Snow”). Boston’s Birthdays, meanwhile, trade in gently tumbling pop deconstruction. Hawks (who plays in Christian Science Minotaur) debuts a new project, too, Hwi Noree. With Island’s Eyelids, ZK, and more.

Sat., March 20, 7 p.m., 2010

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