Marc Murphy Is Not Happy About the DOH’s New Letter Grading System


It’s no secret that restaurateurs aren’t thrilled about the DOH’s vote to require restaurant to post their inspection letter grades, but Landmarc’s Marc Murphy is particularly steamed. He’s written to Eater to express his displeasure with the plan, arguing that it “raises significant and serious constitutional issues.”

The DOH, Murphy writes, “has tried fining the industry into compliance… Now you are attempting to embarrass us into compliance.” Furthermore, a restaurant inspection grade offers only a “snapshot in time,” and its process is “long, complicated and subject to human error and differences of opinion not only between restaurant and inspector, but as we have explained, between different inspectors viewing the same kitchen differently.”

All of which has the perhaps unintended and somewhat ironic effect of making the process of conducting restaurant health inspections sound a lot like the process of writing restaurant reviews.

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