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Sarah Palin: We Should Hit the Reset Button On Our Relationship With Israel


Like I did that one time I got really, really drunk and lost my cell phone and had to get everyone’s numbers again, Sarah Palin posted a note to Facebook today. Except my note would yield something useful and her note suggests we “hit the reset button” on our relationship with Isreal after a fracas over an apartment becomes “the worst crisis in US-Israel relations in decades.” Besides the fact that the apartment thing isn’t actually that big of a deal — in that it’s not going to destroy our country’s relationship with Israel — and Obama’s actually taking policy advice from the military on this one (buoyed by concerns about the potential cost of American lives), this is exactly the kind of rhetoric dumb enough to be violently misconstrued by both Zionists and Anti-Semites. She doesn’t even carry the metaphor well.

You’re supposed to blow the dust out of the cartridge first.* Duh.

*The idea being that Sarah Palin probably thinks it’d also be a good idea to just kill all the Palestinians because they have nothing to offer us but terrorists, as opposed to Israel, who have plenty to offer us, like thriving weapons and microchip industries. Also, Jews, and Jewish Support, especially the kind that comes from neo-conservative Jews, who often have lots of money, with which they use to subsidize their causes, like people who champion dangerously unequivocal pro-Israel sentiment, like Palin, who likes money, and someone’s gotta bring home the trayf.

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