Tonight! Andrew W.K., The Dirty Pearls, Aeroplane, Apache Beat, And The Asteroid Galaxy Tour


While everyone is hiking down to SXSW, you can relax at the Fillmore, where, for the first time in five years, the lovably menacing, defiantly unshowered Andrew W.K. and his full band will strut their stuff alongside neo-glam rockers the Dirty Pearls. Over at the Andrew-affiliated den of sin known as Santos’ Party House, Belgian DJ duo Aeroplane will be “shoehorning in Fleet Foxes and the Beach Boys to shimmering house and Italo-disco.” Imagine the raving nirvana you can achieve to “White Winter Hymnal.” And following openers Apache Beat, the Asteroid Galaxy Tour (a freaky-deaky Danish pop band brought out of obscurity by an iPod commercial) will perform their swanky galactic lounge jams at Bowery Ballroom, foxy lead singer included.

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