Damon Dash on Good Day New York: “I Haven’t Had Money In So Long”


Look, OK, we’ve done our share of Dame Dash shaming–probably more than our share, if we’re being honest–but can we just kind of all make a pact to let dude live? You know your hustle is a wrap when the three talking heads on Good Day New York are making fun of your divorce and your tragic estrangement from the artist who made you famous. Worse, they sent Julie Chang down to DD172, the gallery-cum-illegal-performance-space-cum-goofy-artless-takeoff-on-Warhol’s-Factory space Dash runs in TriBeCa, to ask the tough questions. Like does Dame own any art? Or rather, “What’s the most expensive piece of art you own?”

First of all, jeez. We’re really going there? Like not even, do you own a Basquiat? Just, give us an idea of your present monetary and emotional state? And poor Dame, who clearly has lost the will to either evade these kinds of questions or to greet them with the animosity they probably deserve, is reduced to hemming and hawing and waiting for the hammer to fall. Which it does:

Chang: “What kind of ballpark figure?”

Dash: “Uh, I don’t remember…I haven’t had money in so long, you know what I’m saying? So that’s why I can’t even fathom it now.”

Then she literally asks him on camera whether or not he’s about to default on his mortgage. Good Christ, Julie Chang. Sleigh Bells in the basement is one thing but do we really need to air a broken man out on morning television?

Dame Dash On Good Day NY [Rap Radar]