From the Annals of Questionable Ideas: Exchange Bar and Grill, A Stock-Market-Themed Restaurant


Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the stock market? If you’re thinking “fun!” we probably run in different circles. But hey, as Mama Rose says, you’ve got to get a gimmick if you want to get ahead, and a new restaurant opening on April 1st in the Gramercy Park area has definitely taken her advice.

Exchange Bar and Grill will not have set prices for food and drink–instead, the cost will be based on demand. So if everyone’s ordering the buffalo wings, the price of buffalo wings will go up. Unlike the real market, though, the price will rise or fall at 25-cent intervals, making it unlikely you’ll loose your retirement savings.

Alternatively, there will also be something called a “reverse market” (we can’t even understand a fake stock market!), whereby groups can band together and all order the same drink to get a cheaper rate than they would individually.

The current prices for all menu items will be displayed on a giant ticker screen above the bar. Exchange is owned by two friends, Levent Cakar and Damon Bae, who have experience in both food and finance.

Here’s hoping they don’t crash.

256 Third Avenue


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