Hollywood is Up To Its Old Recycling Tricks Again


I went to the cineplex to see a remake last night and got treated to trailers for a whole other bunch of remakes.

Hollywood is clearly repeating more than a cheap burrito.

There was a trailer for another Karate Kid, this time with Jackie Chan serving the chop socky and chop suey.

And one for the new Clash of the Titans, starring Liam Neeson and a passel of male breasts.

Also a trailer for Tron Legacy (a/k/a Tron 2), with Oscar winner Jeff Bridges reprising his original role 28 years later.

And a preview for Toy Story 3, which raids the toy box for one more attempt to cash in on the big ’90s franchise.

And in the lobby was a poster that announced Carrie 2, excitingly enough!

Alas, it’s not a sequel to the horror film in which the telekinetic outcast is drenched with blood at the prom.

It’s for Sex and the City 2, the romp-com about women who don’t menstruate much anymore.

Neither does Hollywood. It’s menopausal and repetitious.

Make it stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

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