Hot Chip Finally Reveal That They Are, In Fact, A Boy Band


Oh, hey, look, Hot Chip outed themselves as a boy band. The video for their new single, “I Feel Better,” stars the infinitely more macho Kyng, Mar’Vaine, Octavian, and Popeye, all of whom, based solely on spelling, have better names than yours and dance moves straight from the Backstreet Boys, circa 1999’s Millennium. Though the video is a parody, soon furthered by a bald, zen dude who enters mid-set and barfs electrobeams on “Hot Chip,” the song is not. The melody and lyrics, “I only want one night, together in our arms / This is the longest night, we’re meeting arms to arms,” and then later, “Nothing is wasted and life is worth living / Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars,” sure look like boy band lyrics now, don’t they? What kind of fools do you take us for, Hot Chip??

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