I # NY: LCD Soundsystem vs. Michael Musto?


Today, in our daily Twitter roundup, there’re lots of people getting shitfaced in New York for St. Patrick’s Day, and…we couldn’t care less about them, here. More important is the beef we smell cooking up between a familiar gossip columnist and a familiar New York rock act. Where is it? And what’s the grudge? Yeah: This is bizarre. And awesome.

Where’s the beef between Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto and seminal New York dance-rock act LCD Soundsystem on Twitter? Buried a little deep.

A quick check in on both guys first reveals nothing by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, who’s readying his new record for the road by practicing. Apparently, he’s already homesick.

Not with Musto, either. Musto joined Twitter on March 9th, 2010 and for historical preservation, what you’re looking at is Michael Musto’s very first Tweet, which comes only 19 days one year and 19 days after he penned an entire column a blog post about his distaste for Twitter, astutely titled “Fuck Twitter.” Ah, but they all turn to the dark side eventually, and Musto’s picking it up quickly. That said, the art of the TwitterBeef seems a ways away for him, though no doubt he’ll get there. In the mean time…

….GQ writer Alex Pappademas has been Tweeting out an insta-review of sorts of the much anticipated, forthcoming LCD Soundsystem record, which it looks like he has for early review. And on it, it also looks like he caught a line regarding our dear gossip columnist.

Bruce Vilanch? That Bruce Vilanch? I don’t see the resemblance, but I’d love to figure out in what regard Murphy’s talking about. Gossip! What shortcoming of Michael Musto does Bruce Vilanch fulfill? If you know, or have any ideas, please, we’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, we await for Musto to drop his own diss track comparing James Murphy unfavorably against Alfonso Ribeiro. Or something. New York, yes, you are absolutely freaking us out.

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