Jennifer Mercado, On Jury to Decide Credit Card Fraud, Steals Fellow Juror’s Credit Card


Geez, Heidi Montag’s little spiel about consumer protection is timelier than a $1,000 Piaget wrist watch.

It seems that people really have a thing about swiping other people’s credit cards more than ever.

This week’s alleged credit card snatcher is Jennifer Mercado. The Bronx native, 20, was placed on jury duty on a trial regarding credit card fraud. Mercado must have gotten a few ideas from the evidence presented in court, because she allegedly stole the credit cards of a fellow juror while on the case!

Reports say Mercado left jury duty for her lunch break and returned with lots of fun bags filled with goodies from a $500 shopping spree she just helped herself to with fellow juror John Postrik’s American Express card. She bought four pairs of shoes, including a pair of Nike Air Jordans. Can’t live without a fresh new pair of Jordans, now can we?

Mercado was removed from the case she was on and charged with grand larceny, stolen property, identity theft, and unlawful use of a credit card. The defendant on the case was ultimately convicted him of burglary, but was acquitted of having stolen a credit card. We wonder if Mercado will be so lucky.