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Marissa Shorenstein No Longer Shores Up: Gov. Paterson’s Press Secretary, 5-1 Favorite for Next Resignation, Resigns


As the young people say, everyone in the Paterson administration is peacing the fuck out, or rather, is continuing to do so. The latest to go? The Village Voice‘s 5-1 favorite for the next Paterson resignation, press secretary Marissa Shorenstein.

After Paterson communications director Peter Kauffmann resigned on March 4th, Shorenstein took over as the de facto leader of Paterson’s press camp, which it’d appear he…doesn’t have any more of. For the record, Shorenstein was the press secretary for a mere thirteen days before she resigned. We called her as the 5-1 favorite to be the next resignation, and she didn’t disappoint:

“Due to the circumstances that have led to my unwitting involvement in recent news stories, I can no longer do my job effectively,” Ms. Shorenstein said in her statement. “Throughout my career I have performed my duties professionally and with integrity, basing my actions on what I believed to be true at the time. I therefore tender my resignation as Press Secretary to the Governor.”

Again, we have no information regarding who the next Paterson press secretary or communications director is, probably because Paterson has no fucking clue, himself. For the record, that makes:

1. Peter Kaufmann: Communications Director
2. Denise O’Donnell: Public Safety Director
3. Harry Corbitt: State Police Superintendent
4. Pedro Perez: State Police Superintendent
5. Marissa Shorenstein: Communications Director

The rest of our handicapping odds remain untouched. As for Ms. Shorenstein, no doubt she’ll be fine: Her parents have lots of money and are huge democratic donors, she’s mostly okay with the press even though she had an inherently unlikable job given her boss’ cagey ways, and she’s a former ballerina! Seeing as how she’s been nimble enough to lawyer up and navigate her way out of this bullshit while managing to stick “Communications Director — New York State Governor’s Office” on her resume without committing any particularly violent crimes of her own, then, surely, we have yet to see the last of her.

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