On This Day of Drinking, Remembering Those Who Can’t


While you’re knocking back shots of Irish whiskey today (and maybe even a briny back to wash each one down), you might do well to spare a thought for the men and women overseas, on a tour of duty in a country that’s as dry as a bone.

Vanity Fair has an interesting item on how all troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were deployed under General Order No. 1, which outlaws gambling, pornography, and — heaven help them — the consumption of alcohol. Unsurprisingly, the rule isn’t too popular with soldiers, but it probably isn’t such a bad idea (the liquor part, that is — the porn part is just stupid). Not only is refraining from drinking appropriate in a “host nation” that’s teetotal, but let’s not forget these boys and girls are wielding M16s, and we all know guns and booze don’t mix. Still, it seems kinda wrong that our military men and women can’t unwind at the end of the day with a beer. Or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a couple. At least they’re in green.

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