PepsiCo Is Taking Sugary Beverages Out of Schools Across the Globe


Although New York’s proposed soft drink tax faces an uncertain future, PepsiCo has taken a decisive step in placating some critics who equate its products with a slow, liquid death: This week, the company announced its plans to remove its sweetened beverages from schools in 200 countries by 2012.

Back in 2006, Crain’s reports, both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola stopped peddling sugary drinks to schoolkids in the U.S.; for the past year, PepsiCo has been in negotiations with the World Heart Federation, which pressured the company to extend the same courtesy to students in other countries. PepsiCo will continue to sell juice without added sugar, milk, water, and low-cal drinks like Diet Pepsi, but with any luck, this current generation of students won’t be a Pepsi Generation.


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