Robert Sietsema at Skovorodka; Sarah DiGregorio at Colicchio & Sons


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema rides the Q to Brighton Beach for “regional fare from former Soviet republics” at Skovorodka. Sarah DiGregorio finds that the food at Colicchio & Sons “lacks focus and, somehow, verve.”

Meanwhile, Sam Sifton was impressed enough to award Colicchio & Sons three stars, deeming it the “must-try New York menu” of the moment: It “isn’t perfect. But it is exciting.”
[NY Times]

Jay Cheshes’ BAD experience at Colicchio & Sons leaves him feeling that the menu “suffer(s) from a lack of personality.”

Steve Cuozzo bemoans the revamped P.J. Clarke’s, with its menu “gone loco” and dry burger: “I’ll trade all the fancy cattle that roam for a burger that squirts — and the P.J.’s we remember.
[NY Post]

Ryan Sutton likes Highlands, even though “the gastro is overwhelmed by the pub, which is unfortunate because chef William Hickox, late of the Michelin-starred Public, has given New York its only refined Scottish menu.”

Alan Richman loves Scott Conant, but does not love Faustina, where the food is “incredibly rich and/or strangely complex…. not what Italian food tends to be in Italy.”

Betsy Andrews waits 40 minutes at The Meatball Shop for balls that “aren’t roundly delicious. The beef isn’t meaty enough… But the lamb, a special one night, was tasty.”
[NY Times]

Gael Greene finds both hits and misses at ABC Kitchen with Jean Georges, which “vows to be organic, local and biodynamic.”
[Insatiable Critic]

Tables for Two also has mixed feelings, in this case about Corsino: “the appetizers and sandwiches are good, the entrées not. Order accordingly.”
[New Yorker]


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