Steve Jobs Gets His Head Sculpted Out of Cheese


File under Random, Weird Shit That May Make the World a Better and More Tolerable Place: Someone has taken it upon himself to make a Steve Jobs cheese head.

Over at the Cooks’ Den, a self-described Mac Fanboy and “foodie with time on his hands” has provided a handy how-to guide for chiseling the Apple founder and CEO’s skull out of two bricks of low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella. There are also photos and, of course, recipes, including one for – wait for it – iPad Thai. While the idea of consuming pad thai smothered by a heap of melted mozzarella isn’t particularly appealing, conceptually speaking it is, much like the iPad itself, extremely alluring. One can only hope that somewhere, someone else is doing Bill Gates the same honor with a block of Colby.

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