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The Andrew Breitbart ‘Numa Numa’ Mashup is Forthcoming


To start off your morning, an awesome compilation of Andrew Breitbart’s best outbursts. A blowhard can only blow hard in so many different ways, sure, but this is a fairly impressive effort on the editing side.

If you haven’t already read the much talked-about Slate profile, well, you might want to. The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan called it “brilliant,” it’s been waxed on by The Awl (headline: “Andrew Breitbart Will Piss You Off for Fun and Profit“), and it’s getting some fairly decent play. This is in addition to Breitbart’s Wired profile that ran last week, which at one point whimsically found the screamy blowhard drinking Cristal at a club in midtown. And then from the Slate profile, this:

He urges other conservatives to tape their conversations with reporters, in case they get misquoted. “I will skullfuck anyone who misrepresents what I say,” he said.

He did not go on to urge other conservatives to tape themselves skullfucking reporters, or urge reporters to tape conservatives trying to skullfuck them. He did, however, say that he’d skullfuck someone. So, there’s that.


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