Tiger Woods is Returning To Golf? And Why Not?


Why on earth shouldn’t Tiger Woods go back to filling holes with a
metal club?

After all, that’s what he does! He’s an athlete, remember?

And though Tiger has apparently nailed every female that moves, since when
is that illegal?

How would his embarrassing lack of hormonal control preclude him from
getting back on the course and engaging in his professional livelihood

Besides, with every one of those women –including his wife–having negotiated
something out of their supposed victimhood, hasn’t Tiger paid the price?

Hasn’t he been slimed publicly for doing exactly what most straight men
would love to be able to get away with over and over (and over) again for that length of time?

And didn’t he even go to sex rehab in some bizarre charade to pretend that
this is an illness and he’s actually seeking a cure for it?

Go ahead, Tiger. Swing, baby, swing!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 17, 2010

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